Expertise, Independence, Transparency



IODDA Advisors offers you independent support and guidance to invest in the alternative field.


  • Upstream, thanks to two activities designed to complement each other: screening and due diligences
  • Downstream, by analyzing and monitoring your alternative investments.



Founder & Managing Partner

Vincent Batailler has 20+ years’ experience in the financial markets. He began his career in 1993 at Calyon where he was managing director in charge of the equity derivatives financial engineering team and then moved to Société Générale and Lloyds TSB in similar roles. He joined the Natixis Group in 2007 where he has been heading the funds of hedge funds business with $500M under management. He has launched IODDA Advisors in 2016.


Portfolio Analysis

Iodda Advisors provides you with its expertise in hedge funds to determine how suitable and sound your current portfolio is.

  • Performance: every manager performance is analyzed through a comparison with a tailor-made peer-group’s ones
  • Portfolio construction: allocation by type of strategy, correlations between the different hedge funds, …
  • Arbitrages suggestions


IODDA Advisors has set up a demanding monitoring process to ensure that the management of the fund as well as its operational environment remain satisfying: 

  • On-going monitoring: informational watch, estimates & confirmed NAVs, hiring and departures
  • Regular conference calls with the different teams 
  • Yearly in-situ visits: meetings with both the operational and investment teams

Alternative UCITS Insight

IODDA Advisors provides its clients with a newsletter analyzing every month the behavior of a specific strategy. This newsletter is also available to non-clients by subscription. Should you be interested, please send an email to to ask us for a complimentary copy.


The information contained herein is for general information purposes only. It is not and shall not be considered as investment advice and should not be used as a basis for making any investment decision. The information is provided by IODDA Advisors and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy or reliability with respect to the information, or related graphics contained in this document. In no event will IODDA Advisors be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this document.



The Hedge Funds universe is filtered down to retrieve the managers whom comply the best to your investment objectives and constraints. Upon completion, meetings or conference calls with the selected managers enabled you to check out that their investment process and investment philosophy meet your expectations. 

  • Quantitative filters: performance, volatility, assets under management, maximum drawdown, correlations ...
  • Qualitative filters: nature of the strategy; asset classes and instruments dealt with; biases toward (or against) style, capitalization, geography; wrapper (UCITS, offshore); location of the manager; …

The Hedge Funds universe is large and heterogeneous. IODDA Advisors has gained over the last decade a thorough and in-depth knowledge in that field thanks to:

  • Meetings with hundreds of hedge funds managers, risk, compliance & operations officers, service providers;
  • Participation to multiple seminars and conferences worldwide to learn about new firms and strategies;
  • Development of IODDA Advisors’ own database along with relevant proprietary alternative indices.


Due Diligences

IODDA Advisors aims to identify potential issues before you decide to entrust part of your capital to a portfolio manager.  Risks may stem from:

  • Discrepancies between the investment process and regulation or contractual constraints (Offering Memorandum, Due Diligence Questionnaire …);
  • Mismatches between the assets held by the fund and the liquidity terms the investors are provided with;
  •  A lack of resources at the firm level that entails operational risks (staffing, systems, workflows, risk management process, Disaster Recovery Plan);
  • And ultimately from unsecured internal processes that could facilitate potential fraudulent behaviors at the portfolio management level or at the firm’s one 

IODDA Advisors performs its due diligences in a two-step process.

  • In-situ visit of the investment manager

This step is crucial, not only because it is often the only way to get access to some more sensitive or confidential kind of information but also because it will allow for subjectivity in the analysis.

IODDA Advisors meets with the investment team (portfolio managers, analysts and traders), but also with the operations, risk and compliance ones.

Those in-situ meetings add to the quantitative studies and to the analysis of the materials sent by the investment manager beforehand.

  • Cross-checking through the service providers
    • Administrator: historical NAVs and AUM, proprietary questionnaire on its main tasks and primary responsibilities as set out in the administration agreement
    • Custodian (s): assets segregation, delegations to sub-custodians
    • Auditor: former qualified accounts, length of relationship
    • Directors: independency vis-a-vis the investment manage
    • Prime broker(s): length of relationship, assets segregation